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In this book I give a first person account of my struggles as a child, teen and young adult battling with NVLD before professionals realized it existed. These detailed accounts of my life will resonate with NVLDers and those who love them. The purpose of this book is to help parents, adults, teachers and therapists recognize the symptoms of NVLD while providing the necessary tools to assist them with coping and achieving success.
Linda Karanzalis MS, BCCS
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An ideal guide to the often neglected and poorly understood world of NVLD. Writing with the expertise of a professional educator, Karanzalis offers understanding and hope for those with this diagnosis and their families.

Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele, MD,

Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University

Complete seminar on NVLD in a book! Provides checklists to help determine if and when further neuropsychological evaluation is needed. Helps in becoming a better advocate for your child and instructs how to protect them from the perils that lie ahead.

Dean J. M. Mooney, Ph.D., NCSP,

Psychologist and co-author of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities 

Karanzalis' extensive research, and clinical practice makes her uniquely qualified to provide assistance for those with NVLD. Provides information that will help you understand yourself and help others understand you.

Dr. Jessica Broitman,

Clinician and coauthor of NVLD and Developmental Visual-Spatial Disorder in Children

Highly recommended for adults with NVLD, parents, and professionals.  Linda is obviously an expert having helped countless parents guide their children and adults to forge their own unique path.

Sari Solden, MS,

​Psychotherapist and author of Women with ADHD

Incorporating the experiences of others who have shared her struggles reminds readers each person with NVLD is uniquely themselves. Stories will resonate for many and the strategies given are golden.

Robin E. McEvoy, PhD,

Neuropsychologist and coauthor of Child Decoded

The only nationally recognized expert with NVLD on this misunderstood diagnosis who pioneered innovative interventions to help teens, and adults live more successful, happier, and fulfilled lives.

Tracy Otsuka, JD, LLM, AACC,

ADHD for Smart Ass Women podcast, top 0.5% podcast in the world

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